The American Movers and Storage Association Statistics and Information

Within the borders of the United States today, there are an estimated seven thousand moving and storage companies operating. With nearly fourteen thousand locations across the United States, these companies are doing whatever they can to attract the attention of their customers in order to gain more customers. Many of these moving and storage companies are independently owned and operated. These mom and pop shops hold their own against the corporate organizations that are often publicly traded.

There are just over one hundred thousand employees working in the moving and storage industry. The payroll for these employees is nearly four billion dollars. This is a surprisingly high number, especially once you learn that nearly half of the stores have less than five personnel running the show. This industry is clearly composed mostly of small businesses. Among the businesses within the industry, forty-five percent of them are current members of the American Movers and Storage Association.

The American Movers and Storage Association says that there are a vast number of reasons why people move throughout the United States. Roughly thirty percent of movers say they are moving to a better or bigger home. Meanwhile, thirteen percent move to be closer to their job or school. Twelve percent of movers say that they are moving because they earned a new job or being transferred. Seven percent of people say they are moving because they want a home that is lower maintenance.

No matter what the reasons are for moving, Alpha Moving and Storage is always glad to help Available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, this company makes sure to go the extra mile to make moving a breeze. Alpha Moving and Storage is proudly a part of the American Movers and Storage Association.

National Moving Statistic

According to moving statistics, there are states that have a declining population. There are many who are leaving their state for a new one. States like Ohio, New York, Kansas, Illinois, and Michigan are the top amongst states for largest amount leaving. Where are they all going you might ask? Good question. The states that top the list of most moved into include: Alaska, Vermont, Oregon, Kentucky, Texas, North Carolina, and Colorado.

For one reason or another, people like to move to a new place. In fact, every year in the United States, an average of 43 million American relocate. The number is quite large especially when compared to the number of people that live in the country: about 300 million. This means that about 13% of homes move every year. Each individual and family has their reason for moving. There are many good reasons to move. Some of the popular reasons that families move in America include: a new job opportunity, cheaper cost of living, moving out of a rental place, and needing more space for the family.

Whatever the moving reasons that an individual or family moves from one place to another, there are always storage and moving companies that are available to help. For any person that is in need of some extra help with the process of moving some or all of their belongings, a storage and moving company is always willing to be of services.

One of the best companies with premier service is Alpha Moving and Storage. They are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week for their customers. No matter what needs to be moved, or what time it needs to be at its new location, Alpha Moving and Storage is there to help an individual, family, or business moving their belongings anywhere in the United States and even internationally.

Cut the moving costs

At the top of everybody's list at a certain point in time is the priority to curb certain expenditures to help make some savings. In the case of relocation and moving costs, there are a few types of options available for many to exercise. It is always come to the attention of many that decide to start packing that there are certain things that become a priority. This is when the moving party needs to make crucial decisions in what priorities need to be set apart such as which items don't even go. There are many ways to offer these types of items one of which is doing a garage sale. Raw seals have been known to give the opportunity for everyone to get it great savings and at the same time for people who move a chance to pick up a little extra money to cover moving costs. Then there is the opportunity of giving things away that don't sell. After all making a one trip move is exactly the ideal type of situation to be in. After all making two trips with the moving truck or other vehicles can take a bit of fuel and extra time.

One needs to have better packaging material for fragile items or just items that are irreplaceable. Having companies like Alpha Moving and Storage can bring a great deal of relief knowing that they use the best materials if you decide to have them package goods for you. But they always give the option for the consumer to save by packing on their own.

Alpha Moving and Storage - Use A Parts Box

You never really know how many belongings you have accumulated until the time comes to move from one place to another. It's only when you're faced with the daunting task of packing it all up and getting it from the old place to the new one that you really get an idea of how many things you've got. And that is why a professional moving company is so important.

You want to be sure you can keep track of all your things, so that nothing gets lost and you can organize your new home more quickly and efficiently. You can help to keep a handle on things by doing some or all of the packing yourself. But if you are leaving it to a professional moving company, be sure to tell them to keep things together. For example, keep bookends with books, extension cords with appliances, and light bulbs with lamps. For those items that have small detachable parts, keep them attached to the item they belong to with scotch tape, or by placing them in plastic sandwich bags. You might want to pack some things with special tools in mind – a small hammer and hooks, for example, to hang pictures with. It's a good idea to have a special "parts box" while you pack, which you can fill with cables, cords, brackets, and so forth – things you'll want to find quickly as you move into the new place.

Alpha Moving and Storage has more than twenty years of experience in the moving business, and a trusted staff of moving professionals.

Alpha Moving and Storage - One Stone, Two Birds

Moving and Storage industry veterans say that there are things you can do to make it a little easier on yourself when the big day of the move finally rolls around.

There are a million details to tend to when you relocate and it can lead to headaches, but they say that it doesn't have to be that way. There are things you can do to make the experience go a little smoother. No matter where you are headed to, chances are that once you finally get there you aren't going to be in the mood to unpack your stuff. But there are going to be essentials you need – but which of all those stacked up boxes are they in? It's a good idea to set aside some essentials in an overnight bag, things like your toothbrush and toothpaste, a pair of pajamas, and clean clothing for the next day, especially if you have to go to work.

That strategy probably won't work for everything. Another thing you can do to make it a little easier is to put certain necessities into clear storage bins. This would be things like box cutters, plastic trash bags, paper towels and cleansers, toilette paper, phone chargers, and a few small hand tools. Keeping these items in clear plastic bins lets you find them quickly when the big job of unpacking all your stuff arrives.

Another useful tip is in the category of two birds with one stone. You'll probably need some plates and glasses almost right away. You can wrap them in towels and put them in a clearly labeled box. That way, you'll have the dishes and glasses and towels to clean up with, and even save a little on bubble wrap in the process. Socks work great for padding, too!

The moving professionals at Alpha Moving and Storage have these and other tips that can help make any move go a lot faster and easier.

Alpha Moving and Storage - Trimming the Cost

Reputable moving and storage professionals never hesitate to provide their clients with ways that they can lower the cost of moving all of their stuff from one location to another.

One of the things that you can do is probably the most obvious: get rid of some of your stuff. Relocating may be an ideal time to have a yard or garage sale. One man's trash may be another man's treasure, and there doesn't seem to be much point in packing up stuff that you have been storing in your garage, attic or shed for years, if it's just going to be stored in the same way in your new house. Moving professionals say that many clients are surprised how much they end up saving on their moving bill by getting rid of unnecessary items. And if you can sell them in a garage sale, or on eBay or some similar website, it's almost like doubling your savings.

Another way to lower the cost of the move is to do some of the packing yourself. Moving companies recommend talking with your relocation consultant about what you can do yourself, and what is best left to the professionals. For those belongings you are packing yourself, you'll need to be sure you have the right packing materials: good, sturdy boxes, plenty of packing material to stuff in the boxes, and good tape to seal them.

Alpha Moving and Storage is an award-winning relocation company that is based in New Jersey, but moves clients all across the country and around the world. They have more than twenty years of moving and storage experience, and are members in good standing of the New Jersey Better Business Bureau.

Giving A Helping Hand

There are a lot of people in todays' world that really could use help. An economy such as today's presents many challenges to many who just struggle on a day-to-day basis. Organizations across the country are constantly in high demand for their services that are much needed. Many of these organizations definitely put the best effort possible to meet these high demands but are under strain by both financial and manpower needs.

There are plenty of opportunities for companies to offer services, donations and charity. Companies and organizations definitely benefit many ways by caring for their communities. There is a major appreciation for companies that donate by the many people who associate themselves with a major cause. This tends to create a great deal of interest in these types of companies and organizations which in turn creates business relations.

This is a great way for many smaller companies that find themselves crunching numbers quarter to quarter, to grab some attention in the industries that they specialize in. There is also the advantage of getting credibility as donating to an effort for assistance with charitable tax deductions. Helping the needy also brings respect to a company or organization by its local community. This should never be overlooked as an opportunity to make better relations in support. Alpha Moving and Storage which has been in the moving industry for over 20 years, has gained much support in Brooklyn for their free packing and loading services to a homeless shelter. The charities never overlooked by the local community and is much appreciated.